3 Best Event Venues in Las Vegas

Today is a review of 3 top Banquet and or Event Centers.  These top facilities specialize in many different types of venues and are all quite different in their own way.  They are also located throughout the Las Vegas valley in much different areas including Henderson, NV.

Prestige Banquet & Event Center is located in a suburb area of Henderson on Whitney Ranch Dr.  They are actually just around the corner from the Galleria Mall which primarily serves the Green Valley and Henderson community.

The Prestige has a unique ownership story and one that will definitely touch your heart.  Their motto is simply to make memories.  The family started their banquet hall business back in Texas and grew to have a total of 5 banquet halls that were available for just about any event you wanted to do.  They actually sold the businesses in Texas for a good profit and moved west to beautiful Las Vegas.  Unfortunately for them, the economy took a bad turn and the family lost all of their profits.  They kept at it and put in all the hard work and now has a booming business in Henderson.las-vegas-event-party

The Prestige Banquet & Event Center really does handle a variety of events.  Everything from graduation parties, weddings, corporate events, anniversary parties and birthdays, Prestige can handle it all.  Matt and his wife who are the owners have worked extremely hard to sift through caterers, DJ services, bakery’s and even party rental companies to ensure their customers get the best service providers for their event.  They understand that they will only get one chance to make their event a success so they only align themselves with vendors that have proven they can deliver up to the standards that Matt and his wife approve.  They are always finding ways to stay in complete contact with the customer or customers that are putting on the event.  Communication is key to Matt and his wife and they always convey that message when putting together the event.  Give Matt and his wife a call today so that you can start planning your next important event.  You can reach them at 702-848-3982.


Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Centers are a totally different kind of company when it comes to event and banquet facilities.  The majority of these types of businesses are typically family owned and operated.  That’s where Wedgewood is set apart from the other event and banquet facilities.  They are compiled of over 30 all inclusive and affordable wedding and banquet centers.  They have a sort of a-la-carte menu that you can choose from that will totally satisfy your every wish.  They are a one stop shop as they handle everything in house at all of their facilities.  Not saying that they don’t utilize outside vendors, they actually do.  But the vendors are hand picked and have been 100% approved by the Wedgewood management staff.

In the summer of 1986, John and Linda Zarucka leased out the Buenaventura Golf Course Pub & Grill and the Wedgewood Restaurant over in California.  They worked those facilities as banquet and wedding centers until 2005 in which they decided to expand their concept into city after city.  It has been a total success and John and Linda continue to approve and oversee everything in all cities.

The Wedgewood Las Vegas facility is located in a location that is convenient for the east and north Las Vegas areas of the valley.  Just off the Boulder Highway a couple of blocks on East Flamingo Road is where you will find Wedgewood Weddings Las Vegas.  It is a truly beautiful site for any wedding and boasts a beautiful back drop of the Sunrise Mountains which are always beautiful at sunset as the sun shines on them and lights them up like no where else in the valley.

If you are thinking about having your wedding somewhere in Las Vegas and you are on a careful budget, you should definitely check out Wedgewood.  You can see tons of their beautiful photos online at www.wedgewoodweddings.com.


The final destination for review is definitely not one that you might first think of when you’re thinking about putting on a party or event.  Springs Preserve is definitely a unique opportunity for any event you may be planning.  Even though Springs Preserve does provide wedding services, they tend to focus on a different type of venue.  Most of their services that they offer support the following events:

  • Product Launches
  • Private Parties
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Corporate Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Team Building Events
  • Meetings/Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Banquets

The facility is really in a good central location so that the entire Las Vegas valley can utilize their services.  They are on S Valley View just south of the Valley View exit on Interstate-95.  It’s actually just next to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) which is the business that is responsible for the Springs Preserve existence.  The actual property is located on the exact spring that was where the first settlers came to discover Las Vegas or The Meadows which is the actual translation.  It is definitely a historic site and area for all of the valley to visit and spend time at.

You will rest assured that everyone from all ages will never be bored visiting the Springs Preserve or attending an event.  There is something for everyone, young or old.  The prices are affordable and they do provide the entire staff so you don’t have to search everywhere and interview vendors on your own.  Do note that they follow the seasons and the Holidays and have decorations constantly updated to fit the appropriate theme.  The Springs Preserve is really a unique venue and one that you should consider here in Las Vegas.