Concrete Sealing in Orange County

What I do for a living is quite a unique job and always takes a lot of explanation when someone asks me what I do for work.  I’m currently working on building a lead generation web site for concrete sealing and paver sealing for the Orange County area.  So I’m creating away and literally finding that my site Orange County Sealing is totally ranking within a very short period of time.  What happens next is absolutely a rare coincidence.  It’s as if the Man upstairs was watching what I was working on as far as the concrete sealing part of my websites inventory.paver sealing orange county

You see, I live in a guard gated community here in Newport Beach, CA just west of the John Wayne Orange County Airport.  Ironically, our HOA (Home Owners Association) recently put out bids to get our concrete sealing job done.  We have several areas of stamped and decorated concrete that require concrete sealing to keep them in good shape with our ocean, moist climate here.  Our community is over 26 years old and the pavers and concrete areas are in real need of a good pressure washing job.  We also are needing a very good re-sanding and concrete sealing job.

I went to a HOA board meeting the other evening and found out that they hired a local concrete sealing company to provide their services to our community.  Let’s say I felt totally awesome as I work from home and now the potential business partner is coming to me.  Personally, I didn’t understand why we were doing concrete sealing in areas that haven’t been touched in over 2 decades, but it’s always nice to have a warm county concrete sealing

The day that the concrete sealing company showed up I quickly took the opportunity to get up early and go introduce myself to the potential business partner.  It is always a challenge to explain what I do.  I thought that I was just speaking with a worker when it happened to be that I was actually talking to the owner of the company that was doing all of the work.  He was totally caught off guard and extremely interested in what I was not only telling him but showing him the results on my phone.  Of course, he was consumed with the duty of working on our project so I set up a time to meet him at our local Starbuck’s just down on Jamboree..  It’s a really nice coffee place and plenty of areas to speak about business in private.  It seems that I always run into someone I know when I’m doing business there.

I feel fortunate to have this great opportunity that is literally handed to me in my own back yard.  We’re in negotiations while the site is ranking now and that is positive.  If you are reading this and you do concrete sealing services in the Orange County area, please reach out as I am seeking out my Orange County concrete sealing and paver sealing business now to partner with.

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