Exploring Opening Hood Cleaning in Arlington, Texas

I was thinking of opening a hood cleaning business in Arlington, Texas so I did a little research on the are to see if it could support a hood cleaning business.

First off, I should clarify what exactly is a hood cleaning business.  If you own a commercial kitchen, you would have commercial grade kitchen equipment.  These kitchens have to install an exhaust system to remove fumes, smoke, combustion products, airborne grease and steam.

The National Fire Protection Association has a Code 96 which outlines how often hood cleaning should be done.  For example, if you have a twenty-four-hour restaurant, it is recommended you have the hood cleaning done once a month.  If you have a day camp or churches can usually have the hood cleaning done once a year.  There may also be state and local requirements for cleaning, which in many cases, may be required more frequently.

So, when I did my research, I found that the population as of 2017 was 396,394.  That is a good start, so I would estimate there are around two hundred plus restaurants to serve that population.

hood cleaning Arlington Texas mediaI took another step and looked online to see if I could find some information about three restaurants.  The first one I chose was The Catch because they considered themselves a fast-casual seafood restaurant.  Normally when I think of a seafood restaurant, I imagine to be formal dining and very expensive.

Located at 5809 West I-20, The Catch has weekly features that keep their clientele coming back for more.  They have items like grilled catfish, chicken or shrimp.  The sides include sausage, garlic bread, cole slaw and grits just to name a few.  Personally, I would love to try one of their po boy sandwiches.

Another restaurant that caught my eye was Gyros To Go.  Located in South Arlington, this is a Mediterranean and Greek food restaurant offers comfortable seating or grab your meal to go.  Their juicy tender meat is combined with various sauces and salads rolled up in a lightly oiled pita and grilled to perfection.hood cleaning Arlington TX photo

Gyros To Go makes their food fresh every day.  They also make other Mediterranean items.  Another type of sandwich would be the falafel or a shawarma which it like a kebob.  One thing I would try for sure would be a baklava which is a pastry that just melts in your mouth.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is one of the largest restaurant companies in the United States that is family-owned and operated.  They have thirteen restaurants ranging from Phoenix, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois.  The majority of them are located in Texas.  The one in Arlington, Texas is located in The Texas Rangers Stadium.

hood cleaning Arlington TX postPappadeaux Seafood Kitchen started in 1897 when the grandfather left Greece for the United States.  He had two sons who he passed down his hard work office.  One of the sons had two boys who eventually opened the first restaurant in 1976.  Today, they serve over two point two seven million baguettes per year in their combined restaurants.

Ultimately, I give Arlington, Texas a four-star review on opening a hood cleaning business.