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Dallas TX Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Italian Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas Restaurant Campisis’s restaurants has a long history in Dallas, Texas. There are several of them located in the Dallas area but the one on Mockingbird Lane has been at that location since 1950.

Always run by family from generation to generation the empire is run by David Campisi and his family. David’s great-grandparents, Papa and Antonia Campisi came to the United States in 1904 from Sicily. They were drawn to Dallas because a cousin sent them a telegram saying there was a grocery store for sale for eight hundred dollars.

They lived in the apartment above the store with their six kids, four girls and two boys. The children helped in the grocery store stocking shelves and translating to customers.

At the end of World War II in 1946, Papa purchased a bar that had a small kitchen in the back. When a cousin from New York visited, he told them about the pizza pies that were so popular. The patrons loved the pies which caused them to have to move in 1950 to the Mockingbird location.

A real piece of history is Jack Ruby was a steady customer and family friend of the Campisi’s. He enjoyed a dinner the night before he assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald. I am sure people love to go there just for the history. They have over one thousand posts on the internet with a solid four-plus star rating.

Cane Russo opened its first location in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas in 2011. Owner Jay Jerrier fell in love with Neapolitan style pizza when he went to Italy for his honeymoon in 1955. After working as a corporate executive for years, he decided he wanted to change his career and learn to make Neapolitan pizza and start his own business.Dallas Texas Restaurant Photo

He studied under Master Pizzalolos at the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana, a group of people who protect and promote the craft of Neapolitan style pizza. Jay first opened Cane Rosso as a mobile catering business. He quickly accumulated a loyal following which prompted him to open his first restaurant. Since then, he has opened six more restaurants.

With almost twelve hundred online posts, there are a lot of fans of Cane Rosso’s specialized pizza.

Dallas TX Restaurant MediaGallo Nero Italian Bistro, located in the Lower Greenville district of Dallas, got its namesake from the legendary black rooster symbol. The legend of the Gallo Nero dates back to medieval times. It is said there were two warring cities between Siena and Firenze who wanted to control Chianti territory.

Each city selected a knight to represent them. These knights were to leave their perspective cities at sunrise and meet in the middle to create the boundaries. In order to wake up, the Sieneses’ chose a white rooster and the Florentines picked a black rooster.

The black rooster was placed in a dark chicken-coop without feed for days caused the rooster to crow before dawn. This caused the Florentine knight a head start so they got the majority of the territory.

Gallo Nero is popular for their variety of fresh dishes and fine wines. They have accumulated close to seventy reviews on the web. They have such great reviews that they have a four-point-seven-star rating.Dallas Texas Hood Cleaning

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