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Restaurant Hood Cleaning Business Tips | October 2018

This is a guest article from Hood Cleaning Marketing ( They are a marketing firm that specializes in helping hood cleaning companies to increase their business among restaurants in their cities.

The question of the week: What can you do in your hood cleaning business to increase profits with your current clientele?

As we were approaching this question, I wanted to ask it as though you needed to keep the same restaurants in your list and not increase your price for your basic service. So, this is truly to come up with a cost-cutting measure or measures.

Michael Bunga - Restaurant Hood Cleaning Company Owner in Austin TXThe first expert that I asked was Michael Bunga, owner of Pro Hood Cleaning in Austin Tx. Michael has been in the restaurant hood cleaning business for 10 years and has a great and growing company in Austin. He has a very strong business and has excellent reviews from the restaurants that he works with. So I put this question forward to him. He told me of one interesting move that they’ve been currently testing.

Michael told me that a big expense in restaurant hood cleaning is the cost of plastic sheeting. It’s heavy, it’s expensive, and it’s totally needed for hood cleaning. What he says he’s been attempting is to have his hood cleaning teams using a thinner plastic sheet in situations where they can get away with it. Going from a 50mil down to a 26mil is over a 50% savings per roll. In the course of a year, this can put a huge amount of money back into a restaurant hood cleaning business owners pocket.

Not all the time is the thinner plastic sheeting appropriate. Hood cleaners can rip the plastic more easily and then there are no savings. So, you have to train your cleaning teams to watch for appropriate situations for use.

The second expert that I put this question to was Benny Roche of Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros. His Nashville Hood Cleaning company is growing very quickly and Benny has a growth plan for his business to quadruple his restaurant hood cleaning business by 2020.

When I asked this question of Benny, his answer was about systems. Benny thinks that the best way to lower costs in the restaurant hood cleaning business is to systemize the tactics of cleaning so that the teams he sends out are treating every hood cleaning treatment the exact same way.

So, where do the savings come from in that case? Well, from the time on the job being cut and from minimizing hood cleaning crew size. If Benny sends a crew out and the crew knows that the restaurant is in a strip mall, or in a stand-alone building, they know how to move faster because the crew does not need to do an extensive discovery look before starting. This allows him to run with a slightly smaller crew (2 as opposed to 3) and they can each move quickly to the hood and to the vent system and get the work done.

I’d like to thank both my restaurant hood cleaning experts for their taking the time to reveal information about their businesses this week.