Review of 3 Great Pool Companies in Las Vegas

Ron R. moved to beautiful Las Vegas in the summer of 2005 from sunny south Florida if you can believe that.  He actually trained with a local pool cleaning company for over 8 years before branching out on his own and creating Priority Pools Las Vegas.  During the years that he was training with the previous pool cleaning business, he was able to make strong relationships with his clientele and additional contacts with other professionals in the Las Vegas valley. 

He worked hard on making his name well known in the pool cleaning industry and associated himself with many individuals that are most likely to refer out pool and or spa cleaning professionals.  He joined both the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to get his name out into the community.  Networking with individuals such as real estate agents, home inspectors, landscapers and other home service oriented professionals lead to an outstanding word of mouth referral system. palm tree trimming by inground pool

Since the birth of Priority Pools Las Vegas, he has added on several family members making the business a full family owned and operated organization.  Priority Pools main focus is on the residential pool cleaning service business and maintains literally hundreds of swimming pools in the Las Vegas area.  His number one focus is taking care of the swimming pool and spa by keeping them both clean and chemically balanced.  Priority Pools goes to great lengths to ensure your pool and or spa is always maintained properly so you don’t have to go chasing down chemicals, educating yourself on pool maintenance or making time to attend to your pool and spa cleaning needs. 

Ron and his family are enjoying the success of Priority Pools and continue to acquire new pool and spa cleaning customers everyday.  Their success is based on the professional performance that is consistent throughout all of their services and that has been the key factor on their continued referral business from their existing customers.

Setting the standard in the pool cleaning industry is what Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance strives to achieve each and every day.  They guarantee that their entire pool cleaning technicians will always show up on the day scheduled for your pool and or spa maintenance, keep the pool in top notch condition and communicate any additional issues or items that may require repair in a timely matter. 

Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance strictly follows their motto by paying great attention to detail.  Their philosophy is based on being proactive rather than reactive and has prevented lots of unwanted emergencies and additional costs. 

Hammerhead has been serving the Las Vegas valley for over 15 years and prides itself with exceptional customer service.  They also guarantee that every pool/spa cleaning technician is licensed and bonded so you never have to worry about them gaining access to your private property and causing any damage or theft.  They are trained to secure the property at all times so that they will never put anything or anyone at risk. 

All of Hammerhead’s technicians are also 100% certified pool operators (CPO).  Not only do they attend to all of the pool and spa chemicals but they also go the next step to check and clean pool filter cartridges and other pool or spa equipment.  If the technicians are to uncover a possible issue with something that Hammerhead is not qualified to repair, they are fast to refer a reliable source to handle the repair issues.  Not only does Hammerhead leave your pool and or spa in the best condition possible, but they are trained to leave the area extremely clean as if they were never there. 

Las Vegas is Hammerhead Pool Service and Maintenance company’s home and they are proud to serve the entire valley for pool cleaning service.

Serving primarily the Henderson Nevada area and some areas of Las Vegas, PoolStar is not just your ordinary pool and spa cleaning company.  Kevin H. started PoolStar in Henderson back in 2006 and has done nothing but gain more and more happy pool cleaning customers year after year.  Starting out by simply providing residential pool cleaning services in Henderson, PoolStar now has branched out to provide several other pool and spa maintenance items and through their professional business practices and have now obtained customers in Las Vegas as well. 

PoolStar is an expert in the chemical make up of Las Vegas pools and are fully aware of the affect of the desert landscape here in the valley that can cause issues with swimming pools and spas alike.  Take for instance on of the most popular trees in the valley, the palm tree. Chemical balance can be tough with palm trees close by the pool.  Make sure your palm trees are well trimmed and that nothing from your palms is falling into the pool.  We use Las Vegas Palm Tree Trimming & Maintenance Pros for maintaining ours.  PoolStar is one of the leading pool and spa cleaning businesses that recognize the issues palm trees can cause. palm tree trimming and pool cleaning

As the business customer database grew, so has their menu of services.  Now PoolStar provides all of the following pool and spa cleaning procedures.

  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Brushing of both pool and tile
  • Cleaning of skimmer and filters
  • Backwashing of both sand filters and D.E filters
  • Inspection of Pool Equipment
  • Acid washing
  • Chlorine bathing
  • Pressure washing
  • Draining and refill services
  • Filter cartridge cleaning and or replacement

All of PoolStar technicians are officially trained and certified as Certified Pool/Spa Operators and are all fully licensed and bonded.  As Henderson and Las Vegas continue to grow at such a rapid pace, PoolStar is geared up and ready to take their pool and spa cleaning services to the next level.  It’s easy to see that they are going to be a huge success.  All you have to do is ask their customers as they all have nothing but exceptional things to say about PoolStar.  They constantly attribute their pool and spa cleaning business success to their current customers and truly believe that the positive word and referral of the existing clientele is their best form of advertising.